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"ISCON" - where growth and innovation is the way of life..

Needle, Trocar & Trephine Grinding

ISCON’s core competency is in grinding variety of Needle Points, Trocars & Trephines. Fully Automatic PLC/CNC controlled special point grinding machines integrated with micro glass bead blasting ensures consistent and high quality of Needle bevel. Ev

en the Trephine (Biopsy Punch) grinding machine is CNC controlled with auto loading system.

With the advent of new technologies and demand for variety of point geometries, we have developed many grinding systems & processes. Some of the point geometries we offer are –

We Also Offer  
Blunt end Square cut Quinckie Two Fact Trocars Flat ground Point
Touhy Pyramid Point Trocars Lancet Bevel Closed Swaged Pencil Point
Back Cut Solid fill Pencil Point Trephines Deflected
Conical Non coring Franseen Huber

Grinding from 30G through 6G as per customer’s requirement
SS 304 Tubes RW / TW / XTW / UTW as per customer’s choice


ISCON" - where growth and innovation is the way of life....                        

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