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  Disposable Medical Devices
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  Single Use Syringes
  Auto Disable Syringes
  Perfusion Sets
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  Spinal Anaesthesia Needles
  Epidural Anaesthesia Needles
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  Disposable Hypodermic Syringes
  Infusion Sets
  Suction Tubes
Disposable Medical Devices

  ISCON, the pioneer in the needle Industry has a great deal of experience in manufacturing a wide range of Disposables namely Syringes & Needles, Spinal, Anesthesia, Epidural Needles, Infusion sets, Ophthalmic Micro-surgical Cannulaes etc. These sterile ready to use disposable eliminate preparation risk of procedural complications and reduce risk of inflammation or infection caused by improperly marked products.

ISCON is equipped with fully automated needles. Manufacturing plant & Hi-tech syringe assembly Machines, backed by a team of experts in quality assurance. ISCON products are now accepted World Wide. Non Toxic, non-pryogenic, all these products sterile and manufactured under G.M.P from high quality raw material confirming the standards.

ISCON" - where growth and innovation is the way of life....                        

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