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  Hydrodisection / Hydrodelineation

J069 Nucleous Hydrodissector (RAININ)

Angled 45 deg, Bend 7 mm, length 22 mm, Spatulated on horizontal/vertical plane.
J069-30 30G J069-27 27G
J071 Nucleous Hydrodissector (MCINTYRE) Spatulated

Angled 45 degree bent 11mm, length 22mm, flattened on horiz plane.
J071-30 30G J071-27 27G
J071-23 23G

J073 J Shaped Micro Hydrodissector (PEARCE)

Hook 1.75mm wide 2.25 mm long length 22 mm
J073-30 30G      J055-27 27G
J1073 Micro J Shape Hydrodissector (PEARCE)

Micro size spatulated tip for easy entry through wound under capsule Hook 2.00mm x 2.50mm
J1073-27 27G x 22mm
J1073-25 25G X 22mm

J075 Nucleus Hydrolysis needle (P.KOCH)

Short bevel tip penetrates the nucleous for manual sculpting to improve lamellar separation. Flattened and Smooth insertion under anterior capsule, Curved 25 G, Length 22mm
J1075 Nucleus Hydrodissector (PEARCE)

Close tip to prevent clogging while entry. Three irrigating ports for improved fluid distribution and lamellar separation. 25G X 22 mm

J1077 Nucleus Hydrodelineator (FEASTER)

Closed wedge shaped tip allows easy penetration between nucleous and epinucleous. Two irrigating ports for fluid distribution in both the planes 25G x 22mm
J1078 Tapered Hydrodelineator (BLUMENTHAL)

Tapered tip allows more flow of fluid through a smaller tip. Easy insertion under capsule for hydrodissection or into nucleus for hydrodelineation. 25G x 22mm

J1079 Nucleus Hydrodissector

Horizontally Flattened tip.
Size 27 G x 22 mm
J1080 Hydrodissection Cannula (CHANG)

27G, 90 degree angled, flat tip with a bevelled opening. Flat tip for easy insertion under the capsular rim, provide broad stream of fluid. Beveled tip used to rotate the nucleus to ensure that it is completely separated.

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