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  Irrigating and Aspirating Cannulae

J103 Double I & A Cannula

21G / 21G Thinwall
J105 I & A Cannula (GILLS)

23G / 25G Thinwall, Angled 35, 8 mm from bend to tip

J107 J Shaped I & A Cannula

23G / 23G Open and Aspirating Port
J109 J Shaped I & A Cannula (INSIDE PORT)

23G / 23G Aspirating cannula has 0.30 mm inside port

J113 Coaxial I & A Cannula (PEARCE)

18G outer wall 23G Inner with 0.30 mm side Aspirating Port, Stainless
J113-S Straight Aspirating cannula
J113-A Angled, To fascillitate Aspiration behind superior iris.
J115 Basic Coaxial Cannula (MCINTRYRE)

With Nylon connector and Silicon Tubing
J115 0.3mm port J115-A 0.2mm port

J119 I & A Cannula (GILLS)

Side by side front opening cannula with silicone tubing 23G

J119R Reverse Model
J121 I & A Cannula (GILLS/WELSH)

Flat Olive Tip, 25G, Aspiration through hub 23G
Irrigation with Silicone tubing
J121-S Straight J121-L Left and J121-R Right
J123 Same but reverse model

J129 I & A Cannula (SIMCOE REGULAR)

Aspiration through tubing 0.30mm, port, 23G
J129-0.3 23 / 23G 0.30mm port
J129-0.4 23/22G 0.40mm port
J129 LH-Aspiration on Right for Left handers
J133 I & A Cannula (SIMCOE REVERSE)

Aspiration through hub 0.30 mm Port, Irrigation through tubing


Same as J129 but both the cannula tips are sand blasted at bottom to facillitate polishing posterior or anterior capsules 0.40mm port.
J137 Reverse Model 23G / 22G
J1149 J Shaped I & A Cannula (REGULAR)

J Shape faceilitates removal of cortex at 120' clock position
J1149 Regular J1149-L Left J1149-R Right

J1150 Reverse J1150-L Left J1150-R Right
0.30 mm top port

J1151 I & A Cannula (MODIFIED) (SIMCOE)

Aspiration through 23G tubing and irrigation through 0.50mm (22G) bottom port. Bottom irrigation keeps capsules away from the aspiration port.
J1152 Same as 1151 but Reverse model
J131WB I & A Cannula (SIMCOE) with Silicone bulb

Specially designed hub eliminates use of adopter and directly fits in the silicon bulb. Inside taper 6% luer, can also be used with syring. Regular.
J131 WB-3 0.30 MM poprt J131 WB-4 0.40mm port


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