Special Needles

Reusable Hypodermic Needles


Reusable Hypodermic Needles are manufactured adhering Strict Quality Control. These are manufactured as per BIS - 3317 - 1983 and JIS-specification. The points are ground on Automatic Grinding machines to assure uniform Sharpness and minimal patient discomfort Precision griding, Micro bead jet blasting, Electropolished and Ultrasonically cleaning assure freedom from burrs and debris. All Regular wall needles are of back grinding type to ensure more strength to the point. All needle Cannula are manufactured from stainless steel tubes of 304 specifications. The Hubs are form Extruded & Drawn Brass rods and are Nickle/Chromium plated and conforms to ISO. 594 Standards of Luer Taper specification. This assures an interchargeable fit mating Luer Slips & Luer Locks both in Re-usable and Disposable. This special section and design of hub ensures sure grip of needles for tight fit. Each hub carries 'P' as our identify mark and gauge number. A clean bunch of stylet is kept separately in each box to facilitate Needle cleaning. Overall the products are manufactured adhering GMP, ISO-9001:2015, EN-ISO-13485-2016 Systems & CE Certification.